Brownies & Bars
Unique flavors you won't find anywhere else

Farmer's Market: $3/each
Direct Order: $25/pan of 12 for Sweet Butter Classic Flavors
$30/pan of 12 for         Premium Flavors
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  1. Churro Brownies
    Churro Brownies
    It's Sweet Butter's best selling item and a Chuco Town favorite!
  2. Lemon Brownie
    Lemon Brownie
    Sweet Butter Bakery was built on the back of this customer favorite
  3. * Mississippi Mud Brownie (GF) *
    * Mississippi Mud Brownie (GF) *
    Dark chocolate brownie topped with marshmallows, ganache, and more pecans.
  4. * Dulce de Leche Brownie *
    * Dulce de Leche Brownie *
    A brown sugar brownie topped with our homemade dulce de leche & pecans
  5. * Coconut Lime Brownie *
    * Coconut Lime Brownie *
    Tart lime & sweet coconut flavors. It's the baker's favorite brownie!
  6. * Dark Fudge Brownie (GF) *
    * Dark Fudge Brownie (GF) *
    This deep, dark chocolate brownie can be topped with your choice of sprinkles or nuts.
  7. * Strawberry Streusel Bar *
    * Strawberry Streusel Bar *
    Shortbread crust. Sweet strawberry filling. Crumble topping & vanilla glaze. Delicious!
  8. * Pecan Pie Bars *
    * Pecan Pie Bars *
    A shortbread crust topped with homemade pecan pie filling. A holiday must-have!
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