Q- Do you take checks?

A. We do not take checks, as we cannot afford the loss if they were to bounce.  We will gladly accept payment by cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Q- Do you deliver?

A. In order to be in compliance with the Texas Cottage Food Law, we do not deliver.  All items are for sale as pick-up only during our business hours at a time we have arranged together.

Q- Why can’t I order cheesecakes or cream pies?

A. The laws that govern the cottage food business in Texas are strict in what we can and cannot sell. Because a cottage food kitchen is not required to be inspected by the health department, we are prohibited from selling bakery items that could be potentially dangerous without refrigeration.  This includes baked goods containing cream cheese, egg yolks, and milk.

Q- Why do you only sell your cupcakes and cookies by the dozen? What if I only want a half-dozen or just 1 of any of your products?

A. We bake to order and do not have a brick-and-mortar bakery by which to sell our products, nor do we have the space to keep extra cookies, cupcakes, etc.  We place limits on the orders because that accommodates the smallest batch of dough we can make for one product (for example, one dozen chocolate chip cookies requires 1 egg. We would have a hard time making only 1 cookie and using only 1/12th of an egg)

Q- I’d like to place an order online. How do I do that?

A. Placing an order throughout website is really a 2-step process.  When you send us a message with what you’re interested in, we will respond within one business day to let you know if we are available to complete your order (We do not have employees who can bake for us when we’re busy.  There is just Janette, who bakes and prepares every order alone.  If she is busy, sick, out of town, etc., she would not be able to fulfill a blind order placed over the internet).  Once she confirms with you, via email, both the requests of your order and her availability, you will together arrange a pick-up time for your order.

Q- Can I stop by to see your products?

A. Visits are by appointment only.  Our bakery is also our home, so unexpected visitors could be difficult to accommodate.  Also, we do not have a supply of our products on-hand to view, as each order is baked fresh after the order is placed.  If you stopped by, we would only be able to show you the same menu that you can see here on our website.

Q- Why do you have business hours? Don’t you work from home?

A. Although we bake out of our home, we have personal lives to attend to as well.  In order to not neglect our family and life’s responsibilities, we keep business hours and will happily work with you during those times.

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