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Yes, we’re still in business!

Let me just take a moment to be honest.  I’m not the greatest at keeping up with technology. Oh, I can make a post to Facebook in a heartbeat, but remembering to upload some photos on my website? yikes! It’s been a few minutes since that’s happened (um…maybe since January!). I will blame part of that on a poorly functioning computer, but overall….it’s just that I don’t keep up like I should!

  Scrumptious pumpkin brownies on a gingersnap crust and cinnamon glaze Scrumptious pumpkin brownies on a gingersnap

Did Someone Say Cake?!?

2-tier rosette cake with 1 icing flavor

2-tier rosette cake with 1 icing flavor

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I’ve never been a huge fan of cake.
WHAT?!? You’re probably scratching your head right now, wondering, “how on earth does a BAKER not like cake?”
But that’s not what I said, exactly. Oh, I like cake.  I mean, you put a piece in front of me, and I will devour it like any glutton with a sweet tooth (especially carrot cake, please!).  What I

It’s a Christmas Giveaway!

Get a FREE 6-pack of Christmas Sugar Cookies when you make a purchase of $20 or more this December. Sounds too good to be true?! It’s not!
I am a Black Friday shopper.  I don’t shop that day because I have a love of shopping, or because I love to fight crowds of people.  I shop that day because I love a good deal.  I love to save money and get discounts.  And if I have a list of things I need anyway, why not wait until Black Friday and get those things as a drastically

Pumpkin Spice Overload?

It seems like everything this fall is pumpkin spice flavored.  Pumpkin spice lattes, Oreos & M&Ms. Pancakes, soup, even BBQ sauce!  Isn’t enough enough already!?! NO WAY! Pumpkin is such a beautiful flavor.  Make is savory.  Make it sweet (actually, just make it sweet for me, thanks!)…it’s lovely in almost any form in this baker’s eyes!  I’ve been on a pumpkin kick this October and have been enjoying every minute of it!

Pumpkin Spice Cupcake with Vanilla Icing

Pumpkin Spice Cupcake with Vanilla Icing

Maybe it’s because we live in

Let’s Celebrate with Cookie Cakes!

I recently celebrated my 37th birthday (I know, I know…a girl is never supposed to tell her age.  But I just really don’t mind, since life just keeps getting better and better!), and my husband didn’t even have to ask me what I wanted, because the answer is the same every year….COOKIE CAKE!

A chocolate chip cookie cake with chocolate icing

A chocolate chip cookie cake with chocolate icing

I have always loved cookie cakes. Well, I have always loved cookies, but cookie cakes are something special. 

Welcome to Sweet Butter Bakery!

I am thrilled you’re visiting my page.  You may be the first one! I’m excited to start this journey in the cottage food industry by sharing my love of baking and delicious treats with my neighbors in the El Paso area. All new adventures take some time to plan, and as I make changes and additions to this website, I am still ready to bake for you! Please email me at sweetbutterbakery@outlook.com if you are interested in placing an order and/or would like to know more about what products we can tempt you with. Hopefully, we will have a menu