Our Baker

My name is Janette, and I love to bake. Not only does it bring me so much joy to watch the way ingredients come together to make something that’s delicious, but I also love to watch the way people’s faces change when they take the first bite of something that’s sweet and rich in flavor. Their world just stops, and it’s a moment of pure enjoyment.  My favorite baked goods are cookies, which I’m always experimenting with, and I love simple treats.  I do not have the patience or artistic prowess to create intricately decorated cakes and sugar cookies.  However, what my baking skills may lack in artistry, they make up for in taste.

After years of experimenting with recipes and having parties just so I’d have a reason to bake, I decided to take the plunge into a small business and turn my hobby into my work.  I hope you are as happy to enjoy my baked goods as I was creating them for you.












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