Did Someone Say Cake?!?

2-tier rosette cake with 1 icing flavor

2-tier rosette cake with 1 icing flavor

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I’ve never been a huge fan of cake.
WHAT?!? You’re probably scratching your head right now, wondering, “how on earth does a BAKER not like cake?”
But that’s not what I said, exactly. Oh, I like cake.  I mean, you put a piece in front of me, and I will devour it like any glutton with a sweet tooth (especially carrot cake, please!).  What I mean is, if there were multiple choices of desserts in front of me, cake would be one of the last things I would choose.  I like desserts that are chewy and gooey.  I want soft Almond Joy cookies, or all the lemon brownies my stomach can handle.  Let me loose on a lemon-blueberry muffin or some lemon pound cake (um…can you tell I like lemon a lot??).  Cupcakes and cake taste great because they’re sweet…but they are also delicate and fluffy and melty in your mouth, and they’re gone before I knew they were there.  Which is why I usually want 4 slices to satisfy my craving. Well, who am I kidding…I would want that many cookies too.
But I’ve seen pictures of something called Rosette Cakes, and I just thought they were SO pretty.  Part of why I never wanted to venture into cake baking is because of the demands placed on them.  There are high expectations for cakes these days.  They are expected to be covered in fondant (which I personally think tastes awful) and look like perfect works of art.  Customers want their cakes to resemble some favorite character, hobby, or item.  They want them sculpted and shaped, and the pressure to create such works of art is something I just don’t desire.  And frankly, involves a level of artistry that I simply do not possess.  But a rosette cake…I just wondered if I could pull that one off.  No fondant.  No shaping.  Just the simplicity of a beautiful, round cake with icing swirled in such a way that you feel like you should be eating it on a spring day, outside on the patio.
multi-rosette cake

3-tier rosette cake with 3 icing flavors

I think I may have just pulled it off too.  At least, I think these cakes turned out lovely.  So, I’m taking a step out where I never thought I’d go, and I’m adding them to the menu.  9″ Rosette Cakes.  You choose the cake and icing flavors from the list, and even a decoration if you so desire (the cake above is covered in multi-colored sugar).  No filling for these beauties except for the icing you choose.  And if you’d like multiple icing flavors, we can do that too!
9″ 2-tier Rosette Cake with one icing flavor: $40 (20-24 servings)
9″ 3-tier Rosette Cake with one icing flavor: $55  (28-32 servings)
$5 for each additional icing flavor.

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