It’s a Christmas Giveaway!

Get a FREE 6-pack of Christmas Sugar Cookies when you make a purchase of $20 or more this December. Sounds too good to be true?! It’s not!
I am a Black Friday shopper.  I don’t shop that day because I have a love of shopping, or because I love to fight crowds of people.  I shop that day because I love a good deal.  I love to save money and get discounts.  And if I have a list of things I need anyway, why not wait until Black Friday and get those things as a drastically reduced cost?!?
My favorite Black Friday store is Kohl’s.  They always have some great deals, but more than that, they offer something called Kohl’s Cash.  Their Black Friday special is: for every $50 you spend in their store, they’ll give you $15 of Kohl’s Cash to use later.  So, for every $50 I spend, I get $15 FREE dollars to spend in your store at a later date?!? I already needed some things.  You have those things discounted today, and you’ll pay me to come back and get more free things later?!?  Sign me up!
While I was perusing their deals that day, I thought, “I should translate this love of “free” into Sweet Butter for the holidays.  I bake because I want to share my love of sweet treats with others, so I think December is the perfect month to share my love of free things with you too!
Christmas Sugar CookiesDon’t those cookies look delicious?!  I know I’m the one who bakes them, but I’d like to say, as a lover of sweets in general, that these sugar cookies are simply wonderful!  They’re super soft (as all cookies should be), sweet, and perfect for celebrating the holidays!  Truly, sugar cookies are one of the those things that bring back our childhood Christmases, don’t they?!
So, for the month of December, Sweet Butter would love to treat you with a FREE 6-pack of Christmas Sugar Cookies when you make a purchase of $20 or more.  Buy a cookie cake for your holiday party, and keep these cookies for yourself!  Or buy a couple dozen large cookies for your family, and give these guys away as a gift.
Here’s to your Christmas season being just a little bit sweeter!

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